The Gay Parade (1999 - Bar/None Records)

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01. Old Familiar Way
02. Fun Loving Nun
03. Tulip Baroo
04. Jacques Lamure
05. The March Of The Gay Parade
06. Neat Little Domestic Life
07. A Collection Of Poems About Water
08. Y The Quale & Vaguely Bird Noisily Enjoying Their Forbidden Tryst
09. I'd Be A Yellow Feathered Loon
10. The Autobiographical Grandpa
11. The Miniature Philosopher
12. My Friend Will Be Me
13. My Favorite Boxer
14. Advice From A Divorced Gentleman To His Bachelor Friend Considering Marriage
15. A Man's Life Flashing Before His Eyes While He & His Wife Drive Off A Cliff Into The Ocean
16. Nickee Coco & The Invisible Tree
17. The Gay Parade Outro


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