Tulip Baroo

Tulip Baroo, Tulip Baroo
The magnetic rollerskater wears
A bonnet of blue, bonnet of blue
Tulip Baroom, though you are four walls
You don't make a room, don't make a room

I caught you
Covered in tinsel
Bouncing your eyeballs
Off a pinstripe piano

Don't you think that I get lonely too?

Tulip Balanc, Tulip Balanc
The mouse caught in the hubcap
Goes clanky clank clank, clanky clank clank
Tulip Barance, the turtle necked boatman
Does the plum dance, does the plum dance

I caught you disguised
As a man with a mustache
Selling secrets
To a canned tomato

Don't you think that I get lonely too?

Tulip Baroo, Tulip Baroo
I don't know what to make of you
You're in charge of every coup
That the feds set out to do

Tulip Baroo, Tulip Baroo
There's an island off of Spain
Where it's snowing out of season
And they claim it's because of you, Tulip Baroo

Tulip Baroob, Tulip Baroob
The underhanded grocer is
Soaking a tube, soaking a tube
Tulip Baraw, the ground split wide open
Like a musical saw, musical saw


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