The Autobiographical Grandpa

I take a walk, I mow the grass
I don't worry about the years that pass
My wife is dead, I live alone
In my little country home
I have my memories
And dogs for friends

I water the ferns, I plant some seeds
I make sure to pull out all the weeds
And to help myself along
I like to whistle this funny little song
I sang in my army days when I was young

A hot air balloon
I will float away
At times I'm holding you

My kids and grandkids come
To stay with me once a year
And on New Years I drive down to be with them
Though I'm happy, often I feel lonely
But when I sleep I hear my wife speak

"Don't feel alone because you're not really alone
Sweetheart, no, don't think you're alone"

I feed the cat, I sweep the floor
I don't fear dying anymore
I like to fish with Ed and Will
In the pond by the old paper mill
I am resigned to finish off my days this way


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