The Miniature Philosopher

He's a miniature philosopher
He stands five foot three
So no one takes him seriously
He's in love with Gertrude Lullaby
But she doesn't care for him
He's like a house boy to Miss Lullaby
And their future looks very dim

He's a miniature philosopher
He takes notes on all he reads
But that doesn't satisfy his needs
He's a desk clerk at the bank and trust
There's so many contracts and paperwork to do
He gets so busy at the bank and trust
There is no time for Nietzsche or Camus

He's a miniature philosopher
He writes essays on Voltaire
But if he died no one would care
He doesn't know why his life turned out this way
No one ever reads his dissertations or allegoric plays
So he comforts himself while searching a rhyme
That the public rarely recognize a genius in their time
(Poor little guy)

He's a miniature philosopher
Though he hasn't got a friend
He's sure he'll be famous in the end


* Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher who is often credited for laying the groundwork for nazi ideology. His main contributions to the world of ideas are : the death of God, the conflict between Appolonian beauty and Dionysian depravity, the superiority of certain humans and their control over the rest of humanity ("├╝bermensch").

* Albert Camus was a French philosopher. He is well-known for being the "inventor" of absurdism and was also a political activist.

* Voltaire was an XVIIIth century French philosopher and one of the forefigures of the Enlightenment movement. He is better known for his fictional works, like Candide.

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